Burlington Antiques offers a wide range of jewellery services from resizes, repairs and remodelling, custom jewellery orders to jewellery cleaning and restoration.

We have more than 30 years' experience providing jewellery valuations for your insurance needs. As a licensed second-hand dealer, we also buy and trade estate jewellery. 

To make purchasing your special piece more manageable, each of our stores offers a flexible layby service. 

See below for our range of standard services. For information on any other jewellery services you may need, please contact your nearest store. 


New or old, sometimes your jewellery can need a little TLC. 

Our superior repair and remodelling service is the perfect way to return your precious antique or vintage piece to its former glory, or put a modern spin on a sentimental favourite. 

Repairing fine vintage pieces is not necessarily part of the skill set of every good jeweller. 

For your complete piece of mind, we have a master jeweller and antique specialist with over 30 years experience with delicate and detailed jewellery from bygone eras as well as modern and contemporary styles. 

Our repair services include:

  • Ring resizing
  • New shanks for worn bands
  • Rhodium plating
  • Pearl and bead re-threading
  • Changing earring fastenings 
  • Replacing lost stones or pearls
  • Re-tipping claws
  • Repairing clasps for chains, bracelets or bangles
  • Rebuilding worn settings

We can custom-make jewellery to create a special piece, or to match a lost earring, or create a stunning fitted wedding band to perfectly match your engagement ring.

Burlingtons can also help you transform your old pieces into a new favourite with our remodelling service. 

For enquiries about any other types of jewellery repairs, alterations or remodelling, please visit us in store. 


Estate Jewellery

Burlington Antiques is a licensed second-hand dealer. This means that we are able to purchase your unwanted jewellery. 

We pay good, old-fashioned cash for quality, saleable jewellery. Or, if you find an item you desire in our store, you can trade in your old jewellery and put that value towards a great, new piece of jewellery. 

So if you are looking to sell some jewellery that you have inherited, or pieces that you simply no longer wear, here's our process: 

You will need to leave your items with our staff who will give you a receipt for the goods in our care. 

Your goods will be stored securely in our safe until our assessor is onsite. 

The assessor will make you an offer to either buy or trade your jewels (depending on which price you have asked for). The amount offered is not negotiable. 

If you decide to accept the offer and sell your items to us, please let our staff know and we will organise money for you. 

To complete the sale, you are required by law to provide photo ID and sign our second-hand dealers register. 

Is there a cost for this service?

For us to assess 1-2 pieces to buy from you, this is a free service.

To assess 3 or more items, there is an assessment fee which increases per item. However, if you decide to sell your pieces to us, the charge for assessing your items is voided and the service is free.

Tip: you will get better value for your pieces if you decide to trade, instead of taking a cash payment.

Please be aware that we don't have a lot of cash in store, so sometimes it may take a few days to have the cash ready for you.

Be advised that our staff are unable to offer you valuations or estimates. 



Jewellery valuations are required for most insurance policies - in particular for items insured for $2000 or more.

Burlington Antiques can provide a variety of store valuations to suit your needs.

Complimentary insurance valuation with purchase:

Burlington Antiques can provide a complimentary store valuation for insurance purposes with any jewellery purchase over $2000*. Please let us know at time of purchase if you require a valuation for insurance.

Please advise our staff at time of purchase if you require a written valuation for insurance purposes.

Written insurance valuations for your existing jewellery:

Most insurance brokers request a current insurance valuation. So, as the prices of precious metals and gemstones change, you may need to update your valuations to ensure your jewellery is fully covered.

We are able to provide written insurance valuations on your existing or newly inherited jewellery items.

The cost for this service is dependent on the number of items to be assessed. Please check with staff for details.

Verbal insurance valuations for your existing jewellery:

It may be tricky for you to know whether pieces are worth itemising on your insurance policy if you don't know the current value of your items.

We are able to provide a verbal valuation of the insurance value of your pieces. This can be ideal for smaller pieces that don't need a written valuation for insurance.

The cost for this service is much cheaper than providing written valuations. The cost also is dependent on the number of items to be assessed. Please check with staff for details.

Estate distribution valuation for inherited jewellery:

Many people with recently inherited jewellery often have no idea of the value of the pieces that have been left to them.

An estate distribution valuation is designed specifically to help families who want to know the value of their inherited items so they can distribute or sell the pieces.

We offer a choice of written or verbal estate distribution valuations.

The cost is dependent on type of valuation (written or verbal) and the number of items to be assessed. Please check with staff for details.

So, what's the process?

Our process for valuing your existing jewellery:

For either a written or verbal valuation, you will need to leave your pieces in store for our assessor.

Our staff will give you a receipt for the goods in our care.

We will store your items securely in our safe.

Once our assessor has valued your jewellery, you are welcome to collect your pieces.

Written store valuations will then be drawn up in our office and posted directly to you.

Verbal store valuations will be ready when you collect your items - our staff will simply tell you the value.

Note: Please check your insurance policy for specific requirements.

Our staff are unable to offer advice regarding your personal insurance needs.


*A complimentary store valuation with purchase is available for individual items with a ticketed retail value of $2000 or over, regardless of sale price.



Layby is a great alternative to using credit. 

Burlington Antiques offers a flexible layby service.

This is a free service with no interest payments.

With such a unique collection across our three popular stores, it's easy to miss out on those special, one-off pieces.

Using our layby service, we reserve your precious goods in our safe while you pay them off. 

Our standard layby terms are 4-week duration with a minimum 20% deposit. This applies to non-sale items. 

If it's on sale, please check with our friendly staff whether layby is available on your special piece. 

Extra discounts will not be applied to a layby if a sale occurs after the layby has commenced. 

Layby extensions may be possible in some circumstances if arranged with management, providing flexibility in exchange for regular payments. We can also exchange layby items to equal or greater value.

Exchanging a layby item does not alter the agreed duration of the layby. As per our returns policy, we do not offer refunds for ill chosen items. 

Please note: a layby cancellation fee is 20% of the total layby amount. Please choose carefully.