A convenient gift solution, Burlington gift certificates can be redeemed at any of our three store locations.

Starting at a minimum $20, our gift certificates can be tailored to the value amount of your choosing. The maximum gift certificate value is unlimited.

All Burlington gift certificates and credit notes are valid for 12 months from date of purchase or issue. Our gift certificates have the expiry date clearly displayed. 

Our gift certificates or credit notes do not need to be used in one transaction. (As our vouchers are not electronic, we may provide a separate credit note for the remaining amount.) Any unspent balance remains valid until the original gift certificate or credit note's expiry date.

Burlington's gift certificates cannot be reloaded (that is, the value cannot be increased or added to). You can always purchase additional vouchers, if needed. 

Gift certificates and credit notes cannot be redeemed for cash unless there is a remaining amount that, in the reasonable opinion of the business, cannot be conveniently used.

Please check with staff before making your purchase if you have any questions about redeeming a gift certificate or credit note.