9ct Rose Gold Antique Paste Necklace


Item weight: 6.1 Grams

Necklace Length: 27 cm *chain and pendant section

Pendant Length: 4 cm

Pendant Width: 1.3 cm

*Paste is hand-cut glass that has been polished with metal powder until it shimmers like a gemstone. In antique jewellery, lead glass was most commonly used, since the denser the material, the higher the refractive index and the greater the dispersion.  

Paste jewellery dates back to France during the 18th century when a jeweller named Georges Frederic Stras began hand crafting fine-quality Paste jewellery in 1724. He was quickly then appointed as “Jeweller to the King”, and began making Paste jewellery for King Louis XV of France.  

Product Code: A1943

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